About Us

Faith Works provides discernment-centered and theme-based resources for small groups, Bible study and worship. We formed in 2016 with the support of our friends at the Center For Progressive Renewal.Currently our resources support congregations following the Narrative Lectionary. Starting in January 2018, we will also offer Revised Common Lectionary and non-lectionary resources. All of our offerings share two distinguishing characteristics. Here's a bit more about both:


Our small group and Bible study curriculum is focused on deep listening and spiritual discernment. The goal is to help people hear God’s call for them personally. This means that our material is question-focused rather than answer-driven. We believe that faith formation is about encountering provocative and life-changing questions. Our aim is not so much to teach people how to think about God as it is to help people hear how God is inviting them to rethink their lives.


Faith Works resources are also theme-based. This means that we stay focused on just one Christian virtue - or calling - each month. In our frantic world of information-overload, short-attention spans and shallow engagement, we believe this kind of depth and spiritual focus is more important than ever. 

This is why we also provide worship materials to complement our small group and Bible study resources. When worship and faith formation are both directed at the same theme, congregants are gifted with one single conversation that goes deep and saved from the experience of multiple conversations that spread our attention - and spirits - thin. Distraction is replaced by depth.  

This theme-based approach also brings a fresh perspective to the well-known, and sometimes well-worn, lectionary readings. Simply put, new and focused frames enable us to see and hear new things.  

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