About Us

Faith Works began in 2016 with the support and encouragement of our friends at the Center for Progressive Renewal. Our vision is to support congregations who are trying to bring a greater emphasis on discernment and daily living to their faith formation ministries.

So as we develop resources, we stay focused on four core commitments:


Ministry and church leadership is rewarding beyond measure. But it can also be isolating and overwhelming at times. We are committed to eliminating this sense of having to do the work alone and see ourselves as your virtual teammates. We spend the time researching and curating preaching resources, so your time can be better spend on the creative process of writing. We send you already developed faith formation resources, so you have time for other ministry.


Bible study is important. Educating people about faith is essential. But we also know that people come to us hungry for an experience of faith, not just a desire to learn about faith. So we are committed to creating material that helps people hear God’s call for their lives. Our focus is on introspection more than information, spiritual practice more than teaching “correct belief.” We want to help people get out of their heads and into their lives. 


All of our resources are “theme-based.” This means we focus on one spiritual theme each month and use the weekly lectionary readings to explore various angles on that theme.  The culture around us is one of short attention spans and shallow living. Our commitment to sustained reflection is our way of helping you provide people with an escape from “thin-living” and scattered spirituality.

God’s On-Going Revelation

God speaks powerfully through the Biblical text. God also speaks to us through the “text of the world.” We are committed to helping people hear God’s call in unexpected places. So our resources draw from poets as well as theologians, the internet as well as ancient religious writings, podcasts and popular music as well as commentary from Biblical scholars. We are committed to the idea that “God is still speaking” and want people to see that opportunities for “divine conversation” are more abundant than we often assume.

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