About Us

Faith Works began in 2016 with the support and encouragement of our friends at the Center for Progressive Renewal. Our mission is to help congregations bring a greater emphasis on spiritual discernment to their faith formation ministries. So when we develop our curriculum, we keep one question front and center: Are we helping people hear God’s call for their lives? In other words, our goal is to invite people into the practice of deep listening. We want them to have an experience of faith, not just learn about it.

This emphasis on spiritual discernment and deep listening has led us to take God's on-going revelation seriously. We place the Biblical text at the center of our material but we know that God also speaks to us through the “text of the world.” We love helping people hear God’s call in unexpected places. So our resources draw from poets as well as theologians, the internet as well as ancient religious writings, podcasts and popular music as well as commentary from Biblical scholars. We are committed to the idea that “God is still speaking” and want people to see that opportunities for “divine conversation” are more abundant than we often assume.

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