Supported Leaders, Connected Communities, Faith-full Living

A Collaboration with Center for Progressive Renewal


As congregational leaders, we long for fresh perspectives and support. As church members, we hunger to go deeper with each other and connect our values to our daily living. As progressive Christians, we know our faith’s call of inclusion and healing is desperately needed. Faith Works is here to help.

Faith Works supports church leaders and integrates church programming by providing theme-based small group curriculum and supplementary worship and children’s faith formation resources. Our approach is grounded in four core beliefs.

Leading Can’t Be Done Alone

We don’t just provide resources; we provide spaces for leaders to support each other.

Small Groups Are Not Classes

Our material doesn’t teach you how to think about faith, but instead helps you use your faith to rethink your daily living.

Experience Transforms

Our small group approach challenges participants with spiritual exercises and adventures. We get excited about helping people engage their faith not just analyze it.

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Our cross-ministry resources help you more fully integrate your church’s ministries, from worship on Sundays      to weekday small groups to what your kids are learning

Our Faith is Relevant

We lift up contemporary sources of inspiration to help people see the old ideas in a new light.

Our Staff

Rev. Lawrence T. Richardson

Faith Works Resources Coordinator & Social Media Director

Lawrence oversees our resource curation efforts, directs our social media ministries and develops our worship and children’s faith formation packets. Outside of Faith Works, he is the Minister of Faith Formation at Linden Hills United Church of Christ in Minneapolis and the Media Strategist for the Center for Progressive Renewal in Atlanta. His passion for Faith Works stems from a desire to help people see a deeper connection between their faith and their daily living.


Susan Arnold

Faith Works Membership Coordinator

Susan oversees our membership processes, which she describes as a “ministry of welcoming.” She’s an active small group leader and trainer in the Faith Works small group model. Susan is particularly grateful for how Faith Works challenges participants thru spiritual exercises and invites them to “experience” the theme instead of simply analyzing it. Susan’s background enables her to help new subscribers adapt our material to their unique settings.


Rev. Scott Tayler

Faith Works Founder and Small Group Packet Creator

Scott developed the unique Faith Works small group model during his 18 years as Senior Minister of small, mid-sized, large and multisite congregations. During that time, he developed various systems that allowed ministers and other church professionals to better support one another and share resources. These ministries of mutual support organically grew into the more formal resource sharing system that is now Faith Works. Scott continues to shepherd Faith Works as team leader and creator of our small group packets. He is grateful for the way Faith Works allows him to tie together his various Mennonite, Quaker and Unitarian Universalist religious identities.