Become An Early Adopter Member

We are a new organization and love early adopters who are willing to grow with us!  So from now through September 1, 2017, our member subscription fee is reduced. Instead of paying the full subscription of $300 per year, early adopters contribute only $200. This special price includes not only the 30 resource packets coming for 2017-18 church year, but also the 18 resources packets from our pilot 2016-17 year. 

Here's what the annual subscription includes:

Small Group Packets

Small group study material is our core offering. The packets follow monthly themes and are designed using the unique Faith Works approach. Explore it for yourself by downloading our small group packets on Transformation and Promise.

Worship & Children's Faith Engagement Packets

In addition to the monthly small group packets, subscribers receive monthly worship and children’s faith formation resource packets on the themes. These packets support worship leaders and Christian educators as they weave the monthly themes into all areas of church life.  As we all know, integrated ministries are transformative ministries. Explore these packets by downloading the worship Transformation and Promise packets, and the children's christian education packets on Transformation and Promise.

Online Inspiration & Community

Our Faith Works Facebook inspiration page engages your congregation's members with the themes throughout the entire month. Think of it as an online devotional. Not only is this a great way for your church members to receive on-going inspiration, it also enables them to feel spiritually connected to liberal Christians from all over the country..


Supporting our members is a priority. We offer a variety of online orientation and training opportunities to ensure that you can successfully implement and integrate our Faith Works resources. As importantly, we work hard to connect you with each other, knowing that peer support and sharing is one of the greatest resources any of us can offer. Our support and connection offerings fall into four categories:  .

  • Facebook Support Groups

  • New Leader Orientations

  • Small Group Facilitator Trainings & Coaching Calls

  • Christian Educators Coaching & Collaboration Labs

Here’s more detail about each:

Facebook Support Groups

We have four different facebook support groups, organized by ministry area:

1. Small Group & Facilitator Support 

This facebook group is for small group facilitators and leaders in charge of running their congregation’s small group program. Participants share best practices and ask each other questions about challenges they are facing leading their groups and integrating the Faith Works model into their small group program. The Faith Works team will also regularly share tips and resources.

2. Worship Leader Support

This facebook group for those who lead and design worship: worship teams and committees, ministers, music leaders and Christian education leaders. Participants share resources and ideas, discuss how they are integrating our monthly themes into worship and support each other with the challenges they are facing.  

3. Christian Educators Support 

This facebook group is for Christian education professionals and leaders. Participants share resources, celebrate what’s working and offer each other support as they integrate Faith Works monthly themes and theme-based ministry into their ministries for children, youth and families.

4. Ministers Support 

This group is for parish ministers. Participants support each other with worship and sermon planning by sharing angles on the theme, sermons they are proud of and worship resources related to the monthly themes.

New Leader Orientations

Each quarter - every 3 months - we host a webinar for leaders new to Faith Works. We encourage any and all leaders to come: small group facilitators, worship leaders and Christian education leaders. During the webinar, we provide an overview of the resources we offer, go into detail about the Faith Works approach to small groups and theme-based ministry and answer any questions leaders have. This is an on-going resource; congregations send new leaders all the time. So, whenever a new leader gets involved, please encourage them to attend. It's an easy way for them to feel included and familiar with Faith Works.

Small Group Facilitator Trainings & Coaching Calls

Each summer and winter, we offer online trainings for small group facilitators new to Faith Works. While many congregations have their own small group facilitator training systems, our trainings offer extra support and go into detail about Faith Works model of small groups. These trainings also go over our new facilitator guides and new small group member orientation packets.

Additionally, we host more general small group coaching calls every 3-4 months for facilitators and small group program leaders. These calls are loosely structured, with facilitators and program leaders bringing questions and challenges they are encountering in their own congregational settings. The Faith Works team both holds the space for participants to problem solve together and shares how other Faith Works leaders have addressed similar challenges.

Christian Education Coaching & Collaboration Labs

Every 3-4 months, we host an online coaching and collaboration lab for Christian educators. These online meetings support Christian educators as they implement the resources in the Faith Works Christian education packet.  They also provide a collaborative space for Christian educators to support each other, share additional resources and help us shape our Christian education resource packets.


How much will this cost AND HOW DO I PAY?

Instead of paying the full subscription of $300 per year, early adopters contribute only $200. This price includes not only the 30 resource packets of our 2017-18 cycle, but also the 18 resources packets archived from our pilot 2016-17 year. Payments can be made by check or processed with credit cards via PayPal. Each year, members renew their subscriptions at the annual renewal rate of $300.

How AND WHEN will I receive these resources?

Once you join, you immediately receive the password to access our archived packets housed in the members-only section of our website. These archives hold all of the small group, worship and Christian education packets from January 2017 up to the present month.  From there, subscribing members receive three new packets each month. These packets are for theme coming in two months. In other words, our packets are sent about 6 weeks in advance to allow plenty of time to use them in planning. This timeline also allows our resources to be current and relevant. 

More questions?

Email our Membership Coordinator, Susan Arnold, at


Ready to Subscribe?

Please email our Membership Coordinator Susan Arnold and she will help you guide you through the process.. Email Susan