What's Included

Here's what each annual subscription of $200 includes:

Small Group Packets

Small group study material is our core offering. Subscribers receive 10 monthly themed-based packets a year. They are designed using the unique Faith Works approach to small groups. Three different versions of each packet are offered each month - one tailored for those using the revised common lectionary, another for those following the narrative lectionary and a third for those who use a pure theme-based approach.

Included with the monthly packets is a facilitator handbook and a new small group member orientation packet. Please explore our sample small group packets on September's theme of "A People of Welcome" here.  

Worship RESOURCE Packets

In addition to the monthly small group packets, subscribers receive a monthly worship resource packet on the themes. These packets address the all aspects of worship, including calls to worship, sermon seeds and calendaring support. With over 20 pages of material from the contemporary secular realm as well as traditional religious sources, we’re sure to have you covered. We make an extra effort to also include multi-media resources. Please explore our sample worship packet on September's theme of "A People of Welcome" here.   


Subscirbers have access to all of the small group and worship packets from our 2016-17 start up year. These packets cover six different themes and thereby offer you additional resources and  theme options as you plan your year. While most subscribers follow the selected theme cycle for the year, some swap out a current theme or two with one from the archives.   

Online Inspiration & Community

Our Faith Works Facebook inspiration page engages your congregation's members with the themes throughout the entire month. Think of it as an online devotional. Not only is this a great way for your church members to receive on-going inspiration, it also enables them to feel spiritually connected to liberal Christians from all over the country..


Supporting our members is a priority. We offer a variety of online orientation and training opportunities to ensure that you can successfully implement and integrate our Faith Works resources. As importantly, we work hard to connect you with each other, knowing that peer support and sharing is one of the greatest resources any of us can offer. Our support and connection offerings include: 

New Subscriber & New Leader Orientations

Each quarter - every 3 months - we host a webinar for leaders new to Faith Works. We encourage any and all leaders to come: small group facilitators, worship leaders and Christian education leaders. During the webinar, we provide an overview of the resources we offer, go into detail about the Faith Works approach to small groups and theme-based ministry and answer any questions leaders have. This is an on-going resource; congregations send new leaders all the time. So, whenever a new leader gets involved, please encourage them to attend. It's an easy way for them to feel included and familiar with Faith Works.

Small Group Facilitator Trainings & Coaching Calls

To make sure small group facilitators have the support they need, we host small group facilitator coaching webinars once a month starting in August and ending November. These review the unique Faith Works approach to small groups, share best practices for leading and growing your groups, and offer advice about how to adapt our program to your particular church environments. After this fall three-month set of webinars, we hold more informal coaching calls every quarter. These calls are loosely structured, with facilitators and program leaders bringing questions and challenges they are encountering in their own congregational settings. 

Facebook Group for Worship Leaders & Preachers

These are closed Facebook groups, one for preachers that is focused on sermon writing support and another for all those who lead and design worship: worship teams and committees, ministers, music leaders and Christian educators. Participants share resources and ideas, discuss integration of the monthly themes into worship and support each other with the challenges they are facing.    


Additional resources for purchase

We have three new offerings to share: monthly resource packets for Christian Education/Sunday School, a more intense training and spiritual nurture program for small group leaders and personalized consulting.  

Theme-Based Resources for Christian Education/Sunday School

We want to bring alignment to all ministries of the church, so we are committed to adding theme-based Sunday School curriculum to our offerings. During the year, we will be adding a new staff member to the team to focus on this. We will also be engaging subscribers for input.

In the meantime, we're are able to offer some alternative theme-based Sunday School resources to subscribers who are interested. Contact our Team Lead, Rev. Scott Tayler, for more details.

A Small Group Just for Facilitators

Small group facilitation is one of the most important ministries in our congregations and one of the most challenging! Facilitators need support as they build and fine-tune their skills. They also need spiritual nourishment themselves, given that it’s difficult to lead a group and fully participate simultaneously. So this year we are experimenting with once-a-month small groups for facilitators. These groups are facilitated by our team leader, Rev. Scott Tayler. Each monthly meeting is run as a small group and follows the packet for the upcoming month. This approach allows facilitators to “dry run” the session they’ll lead the following month. It’s an entirely different way of thinking about training. Instead of talking about how to run the upcoming session, you experience it directly. Along the way, Rev. Taylerpauses to point out tips and group process. Perhaps most importantly, this approach allows facilitators to be nourished by the sharing of fellow facilitators around the country. After each 2 hour session, facilitators can stay on the call for an optional and more personalized troubleshooting/ tips session with Rev. Tayler.

Participation is limited during this pilot year, so please contact our Membership Coordinator, Susan Arnold, to secure your spot and get more details.

Personalized Coaching and Consulting

We now offer personalized coaching and trainings for congregations and clusters of congregations. These in-depth and tailored consultations help you take your small group program to the next level and give you the strateiges you need to bring theme-based church to your entire congregational system. Our Team Lead, Rev. Scott Tayler, serves as our consultant. He offers these consultations in both online and in-person formats. Cost for these consultations are not included in the annual subscription and will be worked on a case-by-case basis.


Email our Membership Coordinator, Susan Arnold, at susan@faithworksgroups.com


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