What We Offer

Currently, our resources are focused on supporting congregations following the Narrative Lectionary. Starting January 2018, we will also offer resources for the Revised Common Lectionary as well as non-lectionary options.

Our current Narrative Lectionary resources fall into three types:

  • Small group curriculum
  • Bible study curriculum
  • Worship resources

Each subscription includes 10 monthly packets, covering September - June. The three series can be purchased separately or bundled at a savings. All subscriptions come with leader training, social media support and access to resources from our pilot year.  

Here's an overview of our three subscription lines and the extras that come with them:

Small Group Packets- Life's Calling

Our small group curriculum - Life's Calling - follows the unique Faith Works approach and structure. It is designed for groups that meet once-a-month, but can be easily adapted for groups meeting twice a month. Subscribers receive 10 monthly themed-based packets a year, covering September-June. Small group subscriptions come with facilitator manuals and participant orientation guides. This series supports congregations who want to bring a deeper level of discernment and more spiritual practice to their small group ministry. You can explore our small group packet on October's theme of courage here.  

Bible study packets - storylines

Our Bible study curriculum - Storylines - also follows the unique Faith Works approach and structure. It is designed for groups that meet weekly. Subscribers receive 10 monthly themed-based packets a year, covering each Sunday September-June. This series helps participants connect God's story to their own, challenging them to not only think about God but also better hear how God is calling them to re-think their daily living. You can explore our small group packet on October's theme of courage here.  

Worship RESOURCE Packets

Our monthly worship resource packets support a theme-based approach to the Narrative Lectionary. These packets address all aspects of worship, including calls to worship, prayers, music, sermon seeds, lectionary framing and calendaring support. With over 25 pages of material from contemporary and traditional sources, we ensure there will never be a week where you are out of ideas and angles. We make an extra effort to include multi-media resources and spiritually-oriented voices from contemporary culture. This subscription series is especially for leaders looking to bring fresh perspectives and new energy to the familiar texts. You can explore our worship packet on October's theme of courage here.     

Accompanying resources

All subscriptions series – single or bundled – come with additional resources:

Access to Last Year’s Resources: Subscribers receive access to the worship, small group and children's Christian education resource packets from our 2016-17 pilot year. These resources are not lectionary-based, but still contain helpful thematic material for preaching, spiritual development and children's faith development.

Daily Social Media Inspiration: We maintain a Facebook inspiration page that follows our monthly themes. You can view it here. This facebook page helps your members stay engaged with the monthly theme on a daily basis. Think of it as an online daily devotional that supports your efforts to make church more than a "weekend thing." 

Group Leader Trainings & Coaching: For this coming year, we are offering our group leader trainings and orientations for free with every new subscription. These online orientations will be offered quarterly, one for leaders using our small group material (Life’s Calling) and another for leaders using our Bible study material (Storylines). Since our model differs from those of traditional small groups and Bible studies, we want to be sure your group leaders have all the support they need. You are welcome to send as many leaders to these webinars as you like. Leaders can attend more than once as a “refresher.”


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