Purchase Our Resources

Our core offerings are three distinct year-long small group and Bible study series, which can be purchased as a 10 month subscription or as individual monthly packets. Each series includes complimentary resources such as participant guides, Facebook pages, and training opportunities.

We also offer a monthly preaching packet and social media resources.

Here's a description of each resource, along with links to see samples and make purchases. 

Life’s Calling: A guide for small groups that meet once-a-month. Each monthly guide focuses on a theme related to a Christian value and calling.  Content includes spiritual exercises, discernment questions and many resources for personal reflection and devotion. It is especially designed for groups interested in spiritual practice and discernment.  

Faithful Companions: A guide for weekly-meeting small groups. Each monthly guide focuses on a theme related to a Christian value and calling.  This series is distinguished by the numerous spiritual discernment paths it offers. The goal is to invite groups to engage and "walk with" a different "companion" each week - i.e. a different avenue of discernment. These include spiritual direction questions, Bible study, spiritual practice exercises and Quaker-style "third thing" listening. 

The 2017-18 series followed the narrative lectionary. In 2018-19, we will offer versions that follow both the narrative lectionary and the revised common lectionary.  

Storylines: A guide for weekly-meeting Bible study groups following the narrative lectionary. This series helps participants connect God's story to their own through discernment-based Bible study, Quaker-style "third thing" listening and resources for personal reflection and devotion. Guides are designed around the liturgical seasons, with each packet covering 4-7 weeks worth of sessions. 

In 2018-19, we will offer versions that follow both the narrative lectionary and the revised common lectionary.

Storylines Preaching Companion: Monthly packets containing preaching angles, curated scripture commentary and recommended sermon resources for preachers and worship teams following the narrative lectionary. 

Each monthly packet also includes a calendar guide that highlights cultural holidays and religious holy days to help ensure contextually relevant worship.  

The Preaching Companion works well as a stand alone resource, but is designed to compliment the Storylines Bible study resource.

In 2018-19, we will offer versions that follow both the narrative lectionary and the revised common lectionary.

Social Media Resources: Each month we create inspirational social media memes, graphics and web inspiration based on the weekly narrative lectionary selections. Congregations can use these for their various social media outlets: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. Consider this your social media tool box!

You get 5-10 ready-to-use posts for every week. Use them all or pick the few that best fit your congregation.  Order them any way you like.  Edit them as needed.

Along with the various memes and links, we provide a monthly "master guide" so you can organize them and plan more easily.  

Revised common lectionary social media resources coming soon! 


All subscriptions to Life's Calling, Faithful Companions or Storylines  come with additional resources:

Participant Guides:  All of our subscription lines come with participant guides that introduce group members to the unique approach of each resource. This is especially helpful for participants who are not used to a discernment-based style of group discussion and listening. 

Daily Social Media Inspiration: We maintain two Facebook pages that go along with our small group and Bible study material. The intent is to help you keep your members engaged with the monthly theme and lectionary readings on a daily basis. We think of these facebook posts as online daily devotionals. One page offers general inspiration on the monthly theme (View it here).  The other offers inspiration specific to the Storylines Bible Study (View it here). Subscribing congregations are encouraged to repost our posts to their own church Facebook pages and/or have their members follow the pages directly. We see this as our way of helping you enhance your social media presence. 

Group Leader Trainings & Coaching: For this coming year, we are offering our group leader trainings and orientations for free with every new subscription. These online orientations are offered quarterly. Since our discernment-based model differs from those of traditional small groups and Bible studies, we want to be sure your group leaders have all the support they need. You are welcome to send as many leaders to these webinars as you like. Leaders can attend more than once as a “refresher.”