Our Unique Approach to Small Groups

Faith Works is a distinctive small group curriculum. Like other small group programs, its central goal is to foster circles of trust, connection and deep listening. In addition, Faith Works adds five unique components.


New Perspectives

Our small group content includes engaging, unexpected, and contemporary sources of inspiration to help people see “the old ideas” in a new light. The goal is to make the monthly theme come alive again and help people notice how it is relevant to their lives in a new and needed way.

Spiritual Exercises

We want small group members to experience the monthly themes not just analyze them. So each packet contains spiritual exercises for members to do prior to coming to their group meeting. This enables group meetings to be about sharing what your experience taught you about yourself rather than what you abstractly think about the topic.

Questions That Walk With You, Not Quiz You

In traditional small groups, questions are an opportunity for the group to think together.  Faith Works uses questions differently.  We see them as tools for individual exploration.  Instead of asking small groups to go through the questions and discuss them one by one, Faith Works participants are asked to read all the questions ahead of time and find the one question that “hooks them”—the one that speaks to and challenges them personally. Participants then live with--or “walk with”--that question for a couple weeks leading up to the group, coming to their meeting, not with an answer to each of the questions on the list, but with a story about how this one particular question lead them to deeper, personal insight.  This technique leads us away from abstraction and intellectualizing and instead invites us into a deeper focus on daily living.

Abundant and Flexible Resources

Our small group packets are intentionally filled with an abundance of resources so you can select, modify and edit the packet to match your unique setting.  You know your people best. Our packets are designed to support your leadership.

Part of a Greater Whole

While our small group resources are our core offering, we also supply members with supplementary worship and children’s faith exploration material. Our aim is to support church leaders who are trying to thematically align their worship, small group and children’s ministries. and thereby heal the organizational and spiritual disconnection that frequently exists within our congregations.