Monthly Themes

Many Faith Works Resources are theme-based. Each month, we focus on a central aspect of Christian identity. Each theme is couched in terms of God's calling for our lives. 

Below are the monthly themes for the 2018-19 church year, followed by the themes from previous years. 

2018-19 Themes

The Call of...

vision (SEPTEMBER)

Sanctuary (OCTOBER)

memory (NOVEMBER)

mystery (DECEMBER)

possibility (January)


trust (February)

journey (March)

wholeness (April)

Curiosity (May)

Beauty (June)

2017-2018 Themes

The Calling of... 

September:  Welcome  
October:  Courage
November:  Abundance
December:  Hope
January:  Epiphany
February:  Intention
March: Perseverance
April:  Emergence
May:  Creativity
June: Blessing 

2016-2017 Themes

The Calling of... 

January:  Prophecy
February:  Promise
March:  Freedom
April:  Transformation
May:  Story
June:  Joy